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Hello, my name is Brandi, and I’ve had the Be Great Be You vision since I was a kid. It became a bit of an obsession during the pandemic because I saw so much loss. Also, with more people than ever being isolated, connection and encouragement are needed more than ever. I’ve always wanted to share with others how I see the world and people, which are all so unique and beautiful. As a kid, I realized that I thought differently than most, which made me feel odd and worry about how I could become like all the other kids, and I lost myself during those tough teenage years. Willem Dafoe said it perfectly “You have to lose yourself to find yourself,” which was true for me. After getting through that challenging chapter in my life, I realized I must embrace who I truly am.  Once I had children of my own and watched them struggle with their own identities, I began to tell them bedtime stories about my childhood and how little Brandi was so different. 

Soon the book Be Great and Be You came about, and the mission to highlight and celebrate differences was a daily mission of mine. I created a website and Instagram posts and posted daily bits of inspiration for followers. Then, my Dad passed away, followed by the pandemic. I found myself in deep thought with extra time on my hands.

After his passing, there was an outpouring of kind words about my Dad, and I recognized that we don’t tell people while they're here on earth just how great they are.

My Dad was a profoundly philosophical renaissance man who built airplanes, could fix anything and wrote poems. His Be Great Be You word is LEGEND.

The Be Great Be You community celebrates the unique qualities and strengths while here on earth. The world is full of people doing their best, and we often get too busy and forget to let people know why they’re so great!


Be Great Be You allows you to easily send a gift customized for friends, family, and co-workers.


The gift will highlight the one word/adjective that describes the recipient’s unique strength. (Example INSPIRING YOU… Be Great Be You! Michael). 

The mission of this movement is to boost positivity and connection with others in a sometimes lonely world. Our society often reserves sharing great things about people's character during their funerals. Let’s lift one another while here on earth and now celebrate each other’s greatness. The Be Great Be You website offers a variety of ways to spread happiness,


recognize strengths, and let people know how special they are -- bringing smiles to people today.

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