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I believe that there is a better world out there. However, lately, it feels like we are not moving towards it. Therefore, I have taken up a mission to spread joy and lift others.

The Be Great Be You community celebrates individuals' unique qualities and strengths. In our busy lives, we often forget to appreciate and acknowledge the amazing qualities that people possess! Be Great Be You makes sending customized gifts to your friends, family, and co-workers easy.


These gifts highlight one unique adjective that describes the recipient's strength. For example, you can send a gift that says "INSPIRING YOU... Be Great Be You! Michael." Or you can send a customized mug or journal reminding someone special to simply Be Great Be You Emily.

The primary aim of this movement is to spread positivity and foster connection with others in a world that can often feel lonely. Our society tends to reserve sharing great things about people's character for funerals. But let's change that and lift each other while we're still here. Let us celebrate each other's greatness!

The Be Great Be You website offers a variety of ways to spread happiness and lift others up.

Much love,


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